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Annual Magazine 2021

Message from Mr K Nallasivam, Founder of the Perth North Tamil School

Dear friends

I am glad to send this message to the children, teachers, management committee members, voluntary helpers and well-wishers of Perth North Tamil School when you are publishing this magazine celebrating an year of achievements and celebration in 2021. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MAGAZINE

As you know, practically every country has rivers. Their flow will depend on the land through which they travel. Some flow slowly. Some are muddy, some are clear, but all finally flow into the ocean. Mother Ocean welcomes all the rivers with open arms, mix them up and say to them: “Dear children, you all are now part of me, you all are one, part of this Mighty Ocean”.

We migrants came from different countries, with different experiences, and most often after facing various challenges in our lives. Like the Mother Ocean, this country Australia received us with open arms, mixed us all into one wonderful people, and told us: “You are now part of Me, you are all Australians, you are equal”.

You will have equal opportunity, so work hard for the benefit of all Australians.

As Australians speaking Tamil as our mother tongue, let us all be very compassionate, and make sure if somebody is in trouble, let us rush and help them. This is the message I would like to convey to our younger generation and to our community after being part of this wonderful school for the last 25 years.

Thank you, Mother Australia, for welcoming us and providing us with the opportunity to continue to practise our language, culture and traditions!

Kandasamy Nallasivam
Founding Principal of Perth North Tamil School